About Myfxschool

Myfxschool is an online community for people who are working in the Foreign Exchange industry and for those who are considering joining the industry. Through Myfxschool, members can learn the ins & outs of the FX business, build professional network, get update on industry news and search for jobs.

Our Instructors

Our online courses are taught by industry experts who spent years in the business and continue to optimize their work on a daily basis. Most of our instructors have further their teaching expertise through off-line workshops and training. Each course is carefully organized to deliver the most efficient learning experience for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We all start somewhere. We welcome anyone who is currently in the industry or considering joining the industry to our community.

Once you have completed your profile, connect your LinkedIn account to your profile as well. We will verify profiles with LinkedIn connection on a daily basis.

Join any group that you are interested in, participate in forum discussions and connect with other members of the community.

Zero. That’s right, all courses are provided free of charge!

If you are already an expert in what you do and you would like to share your know-how with the community, please reach out to us about putting up a course on the site.