About us

MYFXSchool provides online education courses focused on the foreign exchange asset class. It offers programs such as fundamental research analysis, technical research analysis, trading psychology, leverage and position management, trading strategies and other educational resources around navigating the spot foreign exchange markets.

Our goal is to deliver practical content and modularized learning tools to help traders make informed decisions when navigating the foreign exchange markets. MYFXSchool’s online courses teach the skills that traders need and delivers dynamic feedback loop endorsed by our seasoned coaches and active student community. MYFXSchool is a subsidiary of Wealthnimble, founded in 2016, with its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Meet our instructors

Gigi is a Forex trader who has worked within financial markets for over 6 years including 3 years with FXCM. She specializes in long-term analysis based on fundamental and technical indicators including MACD and RSI as well as candlestick patterns. Gigi believes that unlike news or fundamental trading which relies heavily on the traders’ emotions, technical analysis is the best way to find clean, realistic directions for future price movements.

Dave has rich experience in the financial market with over 6 years working with FXCM. He specializes in research and in various trading strategies for the short and medium-term time frame. Dave teaches risk management in our course and has an unique view on different technical indicators in identifying support and resistance levels.

Bryant has worked in the wealth management industry for 7 years. He specializes in long-term trading strategies focusing on macro-economics and central bank policies. As an expert in fundamental analysis, Bryant teaches trend trading in our courses and he strongly believes that risk management takes a vital role in any successful strategy.

Michael has over 13 years of trading experience in the financial markets. He specializes in using a combination of technical indicators for short and mid-term trading strategies. Throughout the years, Michael has developed a rigorous set of trading principles which combines top-down fundamental research and chart patterns to capture events driven opportunities.

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