5 Reasons to Start Social Trading


We heard you.

Another so-called excuse that goes from “I cannot have time to start investment” to “What if I need some money to have another thing?” sum up why you don’t start social trading at first.

Now, now, the reason — or excuse — is widely accepted. The root of hesitancy is fear. Whether the fear of losing money or even overspending, you cannot buy anything else in mind.

What if your fear to start social trading is basically the same as the fear of losing your 8-5 job all of the sudden? You might feel safe by doing things behind the veil of ‘stable’ jobs, but you will never know the results. A rise? Maybe. Promotion? Not sure.

When we talk about social trading, we refer to the form of investing that allows YOU, a beginner investor, to observe the trading technique of your peers or even expert traders. It is also called mirror trading.

You read it right: you follow the steps of the expert or peers. You don’t have to bear in mind anything related to investment. Hence the title ‘low-cost trading’ is held by social trading.

You can discover the wonders of social trading in other sections of the articles. But nobody has a gut to address “When should I really go for social trading?”

Here at Juno Markets, we wouldn’t blatantly say “Every time is the best time”. But instead, we will break down 5 when’s are the cue to start social trading.

1 – You don’t have time to get a side-hustle

Having no side-hustle sucks! Yes, since you need to rely A LOT to your current job (in which, obviously, you can get kicked any time). In this era where you can get any info from the simplest hustle to the more complex and challenging ones, side-hustle is almost impossible to not be done.

The biggest challenge people nowadays are the absence of spare time. We wouldn’t recommend you to work till your limbs out, no! Therefore social trading comes in handy. Single-handedly accessed through your phone, you can watch as your trading progress and observe whether the expert is worth copying or not.

2 – You have no short-time urgency BUT have a long-term goal

To be brutally honest, investment should be done if you have enough emergency funds. And if you have already and have a big long-term goal, the investment would be a better alternative than the bank rate.

Contrary to the old belief, trusting your fund in copy trading could actually benefit you. With a better investment rate, your money could work for a better day ahead.

3 – You don’t have time to learn something new

Fun fact: another reason why people are so hesitant to get into something new is they don’t have time to learn! Yes, taking big steps towards the unknown could be a big-time scary. But with social trading, all you need is the observant skill to decide whether the investor is the suitable one to copy!

4 – You want to save some money and make it work for you

You know, when you cannot work by yourself, why not make the money work for you? That’s the basic principle of any trading. By saving some bucks, you also gain at the same time. Two birds hit by a stone at once, huh?

5 – You already learn about the benefit of social trading

There you go! You already read the benefit of social trading AND learning when to start social trading. Now spare some bucks, learn quickly about copying your favorite trader, and set yourself off to go!

Those are 5 reasons which act as cues to start social trading. Do not worry, there are plenty of tutorials and traders to copy and gain investment benefits in no time. Start social trading now with Juno Markets.

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